5. Delivery

5.1. Dispatch dates

Shipment lead time of an order corresponds to an indicative period from the day following the validation by the Purchaser of its order.

This period takes account of the estimated processing times and received by STUDIO 14 products that make up the order. In no case will not be enforceable, but in case of unusual delay, an email will be sent to the Buyer.

The average delivery time is between 24 and 48 hours worked in Moroccan territory, and between 4 days and 6 days at the international level. In addition to this time limit, the carrier is responsible for the delivery to the delivery address.

In practice, the orders are dispatched from Studio 14 Casablanca, Monday to Friday. Orders placed on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday are processed on Monday morning.

5.2. Traceability 

Following the dispatch of the order, the Buyer will receive an email specifying the tracking number of the parcel. The buyer can then follow the traceability of the parcel by clicking on the link provided for this purpose. Products are shipped to the shipping address provided by the Buyer in its account. If the Buyer has registered multiple shipping addresses in his account, he may select one before finalizing the order and proceed with its rules. STUDIO 14 is not able to deliver to PO Box numbers.

STUDIO 14 disclaims any liability for late delivery due to excessive or postal carriers in general, and in case of loss of Products during transportation.

5.3. Delivery times and shipping methods

STUDIO 14 delivers all of the Moroccan territory (see section 5.2 above).

 Parcels are usually shipped within 2 to 3 working days following the date of shipment. 

If the Buyer is not present during the presentation of the parcel to the delivery address, the Carrier will deliver the parcel a second (last) time.

In the event that the Buyer has not been able to get his package, it will be returned to the warehouses of STUDIO 14. STUDIO 14 will then propose to the Buyer to reship the order a second time. If the Buyer does not respond to STUDIO 14’s offer within 24 hours, STUDIO 14 reserves the right to issue a credit note on behalf of the Buyer. This store credit must be used within 3 months of purchase, excluding sales periods and before the start of the next season.

Upon delivery of the Product, the Buyer must unpack the Product in presence of the Carrier. He/she must then verify the conformity of the goods delivered in the presence of the carrier before signing the delivery. If there is an anomaly concerning the delivery (damaged packaging, missing items, damaged or broken items) or in case of defective items, the Buyer shall state his/her reserves as detailed handwritten comments dated, explicit and accompanied by his/her signature on the delivery form co-signed by the Carrier. 

Then the buyer must refuse the package. He/she must then submit his/her claims to STUDIO 14 within the same day of the delivery through the site's contact form. 

Any claim made outside this period may be rejected without recourse for the buyer. The absence of complaints and lack of reservations on the part of the Buyer means that the product delivered is deemed satisfactory and can no longer be subsequently challenged.

5.4. Lost parcel

If, within 5 working days after the application of shipping his/her order, the Buyer has not received his/her parcel (or a notice of passage, or an accurate information via the online tracking of the parcel), he/she must contact as soon as possible STUDIO 14’s Customer Service.

STUDIO 14’s Customer Service will open an investigation with the carrier. The Buyer will receive an email explaining that an investigation was initiated and that the response times vary between 10 to 30 days after the initiation of this investigation. If the parcel is found, it will be immediately returned to the Buyer. If the parcel is deemed lost, STUDIO 14 will refund the total amount of the order.

5.5. Shipping costs

The delivery costs are paid by STUDIO 14 in Moroccan territory and at the expense of the Purchaser at international level. In the event of an exchange, the costs of delivery of the return will be at the expense of the Buyer who can contact the carrier directly to pick up the parcel. The product (s) that will be returned to the Buyer in exchange will be delivered to the charge of STUDIO 14.

5.6. Defective Products

If, despite the care taken by STUDIO 14 at the time of packaging, one of the products delivered prove defective, the buyer will have to notify the Carrier at the time of the delivery as stated in section 5.3.

Then the buyer must refuse the package. He/she must then submit his/her claims to STUDIO 14 within the same day of the delivery for an exchange or a reimbursement.